Gemstones and Crystals to Create Positive Relationships 

Gemstones and Crystals can be used to create positive relationships. Building strong and positive relationships is a major component for happy living. Because of the variety of personality traits and human emotions within each other, this is not the easiest to do. To keep in mind the feelings and wishes of others, and to be self-aware of how you treat and react towards others.

By being mindful of your relationship and your role in it, you may find some qualities within yourself, or the relationship, that you wish to strengthen, develop, or change in order to keep the relationship healthy, happy, and strong. 

Stones and crystals can be of service in accomplishing this as their energies can help to enhance certain relationship qualities. They can help you to bring harmony, nourish love, work through conflicts, and transmute negative factors into positive ones.

Gemstones and Crystals can be of assistance for every relationship. There are many kinds of relationships, such as those between lovers, family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, or community, group members. All are vital to your own health, happiness and spiritual growth.  

Love is the main ingredient to any relationship. To strengthen, develop, or change in order to keep the relationship happy, healthy, and strong, Crystals and Quartz can be of aid in accomplishing this as their energies can help you to enhance certain relationship qualities. 

When you love yourself, your heart becomes receptive to love, and the way is open to attracting a soulmate, restoring a broken friendship, nurturing a new relationship, improving your ability to communicate and socialize with everyone around you and that will develop and strengthen those qualities needed to build a relationship such as understanding, warmth, kindness, compassion, appreciation, acceptance, forgiveness, gentleness, caring and intimacy. Each facet of love can develop by practicing it in your daily life. 

Here are a couple of our Gemstone  and Crystal suggestions 

Rose Quartz for Self Love

Moonstone for Empathy

Charoite for Acceptance

Amazonite for Trust

Chrysocolla for Tolerance

Aventurine for Compassion

Jade for Generosity

Amber for Loyalty

Prehnite for Forgiveness

love, #krishna 

Energy Signature 

By reflecting daily about your passions and how you as a soul can express this in more productive ways. Think big picture and include both everyday tasks and your dream aspirations. 

The more that your passion is involved in daily living and interactions, the greater that you will succeed with big goals. 

It’s about your energy signature, after all, so keeping that high-frequency is your key to thriving. 

Light It Up Blue

This April 2, 2017 marks the ninth annual World Autism Awareness Day and April is World Autism Month.

Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate the day with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events. The autism awareness ribbon is multicolored, with a puzzle pattern in different shades of blue, yellow and red, according to The Autism Society. The puzzle pattern is meant to reflect the complexity of the condition and represent the diversity of people and families affected by autism and related disorders.




The color Blue represents Autism Awareness as we will be Lighting It Up Blue. Join the thousands of people across the world who wear blue in honor of the millions of individuals and families affected by autism. Don’t have blue gear? Check out the Autism Speaks e-Store




#LIUB to share your experience across social media and light it up blue this April!!!

How will you celebrate?




Music- Cosmic Co-Creation 

You, the essence of who you really are, the real you, loves being expressive. The amplification of that which you give life to is realized. You can’t help but be expressive. You can’t help but make choice after choice about what you will pay attention to – which is how you are expressive. That feeling of being expressive is expanding all of life. It’s magnificent and all of life dances to your tune. 

Life is orchestrating each and every choice and what you focus on can come about in your manifest experience. But you are how it comes into manifest experience; through resonance and allowing. 

When you are living intuitively in a way that gives you pleasure, that feels good, that makes you happy, that lets you feel joy in your life, you are cooperating with All That Is. You are a harmonious element in this universal orchestration of all life! love, #krishna 

Flowing Path 

As you embrace an accurate, eternal and vibrationally oriented understanding of your life here, life eases up and becomes a doorway of allowing more of your expansiveness to flow into and infuse your humanity. 

Ease is fun. It feels good, reflects the power that is yours. Ease is possible because of who you truly are. When you allow yourself the lined up pathway, you feel ease and you feel a feeling of who you really are which is a quality of flow. 

Flowing, elaborating, creative, expressive, powerful pure energy. Even in embodiment that’s still who you are, although your experience may give you an indication that you’re a body or you’re a person. Who you really are is essence plus consciousness. You are eternal consciousness. 

As a human being, who you truly are is the consciousness, the free flowing pure powerful energy that is present and gives aliveness to the experience of you in this body.
love, #krishna 

Affirmation of The Day

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Cooling Coconut 

‪Coconut oil- it’s been called “the healthiest oil on earth,” it has been used for centuries in Ayurveda because of its healing properties and positive effects on the body and mind. ‬#coconutoil #krishna 

Kundalini Memory Seed Atom 

As we walk on life’s path, gradually beginning to integrate your own new Divine Blueprint, via the Kundalini Memory Seed Atom, which has been stored within your Root Chakra throughout your many human lifetimes. 

As your radiance expands and grows more powerful and far-reaching, you, along with other Light Workers, will become a unified force that will not be denied and is a force for transformation and change of the highest order.

Be you and bold in your vision. See what is right in your world, reinforcing the Love/Light that dwells within each and every person you meet.  

The Medicinal  Szechuan Peppercorns  

Szechuan pepper called Chinese flower pepper is unique with spicy and hot taste. Szechuan  peppercorns are one of the most used spices in Sichuan dishes. As one of the famous Chinese Five Spice, it is commonly used in the preparation of the sauce, marinating food, and stewing while adding enjoyable flavor.   

In the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this slightly spicy, warm herb is often used to stimulate the taste buds to take more food, warm the body, get rid of cold and dampness, and protect the stomach. The peppers bring so much advantages to human health.