Plant-Based Food 

Discover your relationship with energy and how it relates to food and everything else. Experience the powerful energy of the mind in motion. 
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Llama Farm 

Today was a day filled with horseback riding, learning how to drive a farm tractor and hanging out with a couple of llamas in NorCal on a beautiful farm. 

When a llama crosses your path a #llama reminds you that a chapter is closing in your life right now, and you will benefit most from the outcome of these changes. Even though a sense of fear arises during change, the angels/ascended masters assure that receiving your due diligence, as they bring into your life reflections that will empower you to move ahead. 

The llama is a symbolic meaning of illumination, change, restoration, mysticism, worship, and prayer. A reminder that in each of us, is our own unique source. We are all connected, all power comes from the same source. It is just interpreted differently. 

Make use of this beautiful time in your life, as you have earned it through your personal determination. It’s a beginning to acknowledge your own steps and the contribution that others have made into your life over the course of your life and in your goals and dreams. 

Speak and act in the vibration of who you truly are always. #llamafarm #horsefarm #soulfulsaturday #krishna