Soul Evolvement 

Difficult situations are sometimes necessary for the soul to evolve, and are created purposefully by the individual (you) and your (soul) it’s a co-creation to realize some lessons require a strong experience for evolution to occur. 

The evolved perspective considers the experience and often in hindsight knows that even the most negative experience can produce a positive outcome. 

Remember that you are loved, supported, guided and protected by eternal energies 24/7. 


Soul’s Holiday 

Solitude is the soul’s holiday, an opportunity to take a breather doing for others and to surprise and delight ourselves instead.
To create little islands of solitude in daily life for relaxation. The more you are relaxed the better you can receive. 

It’s a challenge to let ourselves slow down and look at the inner world and what is going on there. In moments of prayer or meditation, or simply in stillnes we breathe more deeply, see more fully, hear more clearly. We notice more, and in the process, we return to what is sacred.

Carving out a little solitude can make a world of difference. So go ahead–give yourself a break.

 To Solitude,

Kelly Krishna