Passions and Perspective 

Follow your passions. Whether it is dancing, writing, hiking or surfing, when you are enjoying yourself you move into alignment with your soul. 

Have you ever noticed that inspiration and fresh perspective come to you when you are relaxed and having fun? Remember, you don’t have to work at intuition. 

Life is about enjoying yourself, and when you remember to play you remember your spirit and why you are here. You say an inner Yes to yourself, and to Life as well!

Butterfly Pea Flowers 

Edible petals, Butterfly Pea Flowers has been used as a “smart drug”  to enhance memory, cognition and intelligence. Butterfly Pea Flower has long been recognized in Ayurveda and other forms of traditional medicine for its medicinal purposes. Tinctures made are beneficial for skincare, haircare, bodycare, and beautycare. 

Butterfly pea buds themselves have a subdued flavor similar to a slightly more herbal black tea, but the plant primarily functions as a natural dye that’s subtle in flavor but bold in visual color and attraction. 

The flowers are most famously used to make a traditional Thai welcome tea known as dok anchan, which is served  frequently to travelers upon  arrival. And after centuries of use in Southeast Asia for health purposes like strengthening hair follicles and helping fight depression, butterfly pea tea and its concentrate found themselves in blue beverages, butterfly pea concentrate became a darling of the cocktail world. The tincture allows bartenders to craft drinks with a cool- sunset-style color spectrum and chefs to decorate dishes with elegance.