Yoga Shala West

The spirit of Yoga Shala West shares a deep love for ashtanga yoga. Every morning becomes magical stepping into this sacred sanctuary which holds an omnipotent space quite strongly. With gratitude, to the founder of Yoga Shala West, Pranidhi Varshney for opening mysore-style shala in the heart of West Los Angeles. Doors open before sunrise for early morning mysore risers. It feels special to connect to our divine aspect, opening the mind to gain clarity, connection, and compassion in our relationship with our self and the world.

This hidden gem offers morning, afternoon and weekend mysore. The traditional practice that cultivates the mysterious healing power of synchronizing breath with movement. In addition to mysore, the studio also has intriguing events, sound healing baths, led classes, guest teachers, mantra, singing, and harmonium that accompanies many classes. Pranidhi teaches morning mysore, and on Fridays’ devotional music is played, a personal favorite honoring spiritual traditional music like contemporary Indian, Sufi, devotional chanting, vedic chanting all with an omniscient experience of isvarapranidhana. Devotion to the Divine. This devotion means a surrender of all thoughts to the Divine, a merging with the Divine being able to completely surrender our individual ego identities to our own higher self. This unique method of yoga practice allows everyone with varying physical abilities to create a sacred space together.

This five-star community ashtanga yoga shala is highly recommended. Afternoon mysore is rare to find in any city and Nina Collins who loves teaching and sharing the mysore tradition method with her students, has an afternoon mysore program. Her love for teaching shows and she brings a sense of inspiration, focus, and commitment to the practice. This is indeed a fine way to live an authentic compassionate life.
“Practice and all is coming.” Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois

For more information or if you happen to be in West LA and want to check it out visit

By Kelly Krishna Dunn

The Courage To Trust Your Intuition 

Honoring your intuition, honoring your true Self, takes great courage. It may not be easy in the short term to act on your intuition, but it can be a big price to pay by not listening to it. 

Trust that nothing is revealed to you intuitively if it is not in your highest interest. Your intuition guides you, it is in service for your well-being.

As much as it takes courage to take action on your intuition, it can take courage to be honest with yourself and your situations. Acknowledging your intuition is about being real with yourself and what is true for you. 

It can be uncomfortable to be honest because of fears of loss, change and hurting others. But to deny your true Self is the biggest  denial of all. Therefore shine bright like a diamond and trust that your intuition is there to serve you. 

Try asking yourself “What is my intuition saying?” “What does my heart want?” Asking yourself questions opens you to your heart where your intuition lives.