Music- Cosmic Co-Creation 

You, the essence of who you really are, the real you, loves being expressive. The amplification of that which you give life to is realized. You can’t help but be expressive. You can’t help but make choice after choice about what you will pay attention to – which is how you are expressive. That feeling of being expressive is expanding all of life. It’s magnificent and all of life dances to your tune. 

Life is orchestrating each and every choice and what you focus on can come about in your manifest experience. But you are how it comes into manifest experience; through resonance and allowing. 

When you are living intuitively in a way that gives you pleasure, that feels good, that makes you happy, that lets you feel joy in your life, you are cooperating with All That Is. You are a harmonious element in this universal orchestration of all life! love, #krishna 

2 thoughts on “Music- Cosmic Co-Creation 

  1. Iam almost, …Speechless😟.. Everything, here,.. Im.. not exzactly sure how i landed on this page. Reading every.. single …word,. Summing up Many! If not EVERYTHING on my Plate,. Of thoughts, questions & answers. All whiles togeather and separate, rerecently & up to this very moment! And of course! at 11:11pm,.! My Personal Concrete. 😑ThankYou😑.. Im blown away,. ThankYou

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