In this lifetime some of our choices are made that result in a negative outcome. The desire of the soul to evolve participates fully seeking all experience. The linear self engages in the negativity often magnifying the energy beyond what it needs to be. 
It is important to release past choices consciously. Whatever they were they have brought you to this moment of clarity. Your emotions play a huge part of this cycle so self forgiveness is also an imperative part of the process.


See clearly the reason behind the past moments and the value of release. This clearing of energy will allow your creative process to continue in a more positive way.


The past cannot be erased. It is a part of your experience, however, by releasing the energy behind it through forgiveness will help your energy to regain its integrity. 

Connect to your source energy and forgive. It is the first step to creating a more beneficial future. 

Your gift is the present moment  and it is the grand opportunity. Energize it and be true to yourself.