How To Follow Your Intuition – Trust 

Your intuition is like your inner navigation system, always working to move you along your life journey path. 
The push or pull felt from your intuition not only alerts of impending danger, but can be used to guide which step to take next along your path. Relying on your intuition in daily moments makes life much easier to navigate and ultimately helps you create and live your best life! 

Movie Star 

You are the screen writer star in your own movie. Think of emotions as your own personal movie, they provide you with your life context, your perspective, and lead you to the next important segment of your story. Those are  helpful on your life path. Like a movie, you are meant to experience your emotions through imagination, share discussion, healthy release, and other such healing methods. On screen you are not meant to live your emotions as if you are the movie itself.

Mindful Monday: Affirmation of the Day 

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