Benefits of Mindfulness

The benefits of yoga and mindfulness are far reaching. More than improving flexibility and strength, yoga and mindfulness impact the social, emotional, mental and physical health of everyone who practices.

Give it a try. Get on your mat, take a deep breath, and take advantage of the many benefits of yoga and mindfulness.

love, k 🙂

Archer Pose — Gift of Fearlessness

When I began practicing Kundalini Yoga, I came from an Ashtanga practice flowing to a set series of asanas in sequence from one to the next. At my first Kundalini class in New York, I was quite amazed when the teacher asked me to raise my arms as if about to shoot an arrow, position myself in Archer Pose and remain still. The pose seemed simple enough but after a minute or two, holding still, keeping my gaze, my knee bent and arms lifted were surprising challenges.

How could such a simple exercise pose require so much?

It’s been a long way since that first experience with Archer Pose, which is now one of my favorites. It brings forth strength and inspires self-assurance; by holding this specific pose you become aware of your own deep reservoir of inner power.

Archer Pose, according to the Kundalini Yoga teachings, promotes courage and confidence. This asana brings the gift of fearlessness you get to accept and receive.

To Practice Archer Pose: 

Stand with the feet approximately 2 – 3 feet apart. Turn the right foot so it is pointed away from the side of the body. Place the left foot at a right angle to the right foot; the toes will be pointing away from the front of the body.

A line extending back from the heel of the right foot should intersect with the arch of the left foot.

Bend the right leg forward so that the right knee is over the right toes. Stretch through the left leg, knee straight, heel pressing into the floor.

Reach forward with the right hand and bring the fingers to the palms, as if grasping a bow. As if pulling back on the bowstring, bring the left hand, fingers also curled to the palms, to the left shoulder. Both thumbs are pointed up.

Tuck the tailbone via a light Root Lock. Pull Neck Lock with the chin in, chest out.

Gaze at the tip of the right thumb and breathe deeply from the navel.

Reverse sides and repeat.

love, krishna 💜

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