Candy Crush The New Gameshow On CBS 

Kelly Krishna April 12, 2017: 8:11 PM PT 10:11 PM ET 

We were happy to get a sneak peek on set of  ‘Candy Crush’ oh how  addictive the games and gamers are on ‘Candy Crush’ 

This summer, on CBS, Sunday, July 9, “Candy Crush” comes on the scene.  Daytime Emmy Award-winning TV and radio personality Mario Lopez serving as the host for Candy Crush, In the live game show. 

Soon you will be able to play Candy Crush while watching Candy Crush. 

The one-hour live show is developed by Lionsgate in collaboration with popular game maker King — it features teams of two competing to be crowned a Candy Crush champion.
The pair of two teammates will use their smarts and physical strength to compete on interactive game boards using “next generation technology.”

Matt Kunitz is the executive producer who is behind the forthcoming Candy Crush series. 

He has been working closely with King’s chief creative officer and Candy Crush Saga creator Sebastian Knutsson throughout the project.

Did you know that Candy Crush has attracted a loyal and addicted fan base since 2012 — many of which have made in-app purchases, Users still play about 18 billion game rounds each month? 

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California Cow – California Farm 

Three Reasons Not To Eat A Cow. 

1 Cows Have Complex Feelings. 
Cows are gentle social animals. They have the ability to recognize more than 100 other cows, and they form close friendships with members of their herd and also with humans. 

2  Your Body Will Thank You

To make cows grow at an unnaturally fast rate, the cattle industry implants them with pellets full of hormones. While low levels of naturally occurring hormones are found in various foods, many scientists are concerned that the artificial hormones injected into cows cause health problems in humans who eat them. Many of these hormones are illegal in many countries. 

3 Plant-Based Meat Is Better Than Ever

Leaving cows and other animals off your plate is easier than ever. You can now get tasty veggie burgers at numerous restaurants, and every food store is beginning to carry vegetarian beef replacements, all of which are delicious and cholesterol- and cruelty-free.

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Snowboarder Kevin Pearce: Meditation for Brain Injury

March is Brain Injury Awareness month. In honor of Brain Injury Awareness month, March has been greeted by #MindfulMarch and #LOVEYOURBRAIN has been launched this month to spread awareness on TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)  Kevin Pearce TBI survivor suffered a near fatal traumatic brain injury while training for the 2010 winter Olympics. Kevin’s remarkable resilience was documented and transformed into the award winning HBO Documentary, The Crash Reel which brought light to the experience of traumatic brain injuries. For more information on The Crash Reel, Love Your Brain Foundation and former pro-snowboarder Kevin Pearce click here


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Soul Boarding -snow-

Snowboarding season is one of our favorites. All three sports,  snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. 

Snowboarding, in Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada area, is our top choice for Ski/Snow Winter Escapes _snow_ escapades #californiasnow #cleansnow 

Lake Tahoe has become a second home during January’s winter and summer house time by the lake in Emerald Bay, four seasons in California is magical. 
California snow self-expression’s  shines at snowfall, majestic energy, grateful to you and enlightenment vibes because Lake Tahoe is a vortex for healing. 

To Healing, 

The lake shines as aquamarine,  bright healing color, very grounding for sensitive people. Mystical language from Lake Tahoe, beautiful Native American Spirit. 

New Year Blessings,

K 🙂 kelly krishna 


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3 Reasons why Jogging is Beneficial to Your Health 

Is Jogging beneficial to your health? 

If you’re wondering as to whether or not jogging is beneficial to your health, we are going to list 3 reasons below as to why you may want to incorporate some jogging into your lifestyle.

Jogging helps you become more physically fit
Jogging is a great way to become more fit, as it’s a form of cardiovascular exercise. It is an exercise that will help your body deliver oxygen to your muscles. It will also help your muscles make more efficient use of the oxygen that they are receiving.

It helps your immune system become stronger

Jogging will help you build up your immune system, which helps your body fight off harmful bacteria and viruses. By jogging, your body will begin to produce more cells in your blood that will help keep you healthy.

It will help you mentally, as well

Jogging doesn’t only have an impact on your physical fitness. It will have an impact on your mental fitness, as well. When you’re physically active, your brain will release endorphins, which is the chemical released by your body that will give you a sense of happiness and well-being. It will aid in the relief of stress, makes you more self-confident and boosts your self esteem.  
Infinite Blessings,

Kelly Krishna Dunn