Surf’s Up

Surfing is Fun, Fun, Fun. The enjoyable atmosphere that includes the sunshine, the beach, and warm water adds to the fun. Although learning to surf can be challenging because it takes practice to hone the skill of surfing, those frustrating moments are overshadowed by all of the fun moments you’ll experience.

love, kelly ❤

A Mind as Clear as Air Ocean Meditation

The ocean is a great place for meditation. At the beach, the boundaries between sand, sea and sky become one. It can be difficult to tell exactly where one ends and another begins. As waves reach the shore, they soak into the sand; crashing waves stir up sand, mixing it with water. Ocean mist rises as breaking waves curl around and splash through the air. This merger of water, earth and air can be a helpful creative visualization for meditation. 

With your body receiving the breath like sand receives water, allow the mind, your attention, to infuse all elements. The interaction of ocean and air creates bubbles in the water; the sand has space for air between each grain. As the air is present in both the water and sand, let your mind follow each movement and stay present with the breath and body until the breath serves to unite  mind and body just as the sea blends with the air and sand at the water’s edge. 

love, #krishna 

Wahine Surf Diva -Guide to Catch Wonderful Waves

Wahine is the Hawaiian word for female; also a surfer woman who is skilled in all aspects of the ocean. Here is a Guide to catch wonderful waves in lagunabeach -Guide to the sport of Surfing. You might surf reef breaks where bright and blue yellow fish come in and out of focus as the ocean ebbs and flows or beach breaks where dolphins (which you could swear were trained at Sea World) jump and dive in the waves. There is something that feels so right about floating over the rhythmic sea. Something peaceful. Getting tumbled is only Mother Nature’s awesome power reminding you that while she may let you charm her, she can certainly never be conquered. Surfing blends a rare combination of athleticsim and grace that is usally required of figure skaters and ballerinas. Watching great surfers (professionally or soul) is like watching a distilled dance of human and water, a person at ONE with the ocean. Check out our treasures and surf spots!