Soul Boarding -snow-

Snowboarding season is one of our favorites. All three sports,  snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. 

Snowboarding, in Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada area, is our top choice for Ski/Snow Winter Escapes _snow_ escapades #californiasnow #cleansnow 

Lake Tahoe has become a second home during January’s winter and summer house time by the lake in Emerald Bay, four seasons in California is magical. 
California snow self-expression’s  shines at snowfall, majestic energy, grateful to you and enlightenment vibes because Lake Tahoe is a vortex for healing. 

To Healing, 

The lake shines as aquamarine,  bright healing color, very grounding for sensitive people. Mystical language from Lake Tahoe, beautiful Native American Spirit. 

New Year Blessings,

K 🙂 kelly krishna 

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