The Hidden Magic in Joshua Tree 

Deep in the desert, searching for enlightenment at a spot that’s filled with Joshua trees. This area, we love its name, monzogranite rock formations and the triad of cholla, cactus and prickly pear that prick my legs, it feels like acupuncture. 

Joshua Tree National Park, we have become so amazed of these wondrous surroundings,  also appreciating the floral delights.  

In this particular portion of southeastern California Joshua Tree became a national park in 1994, and that is named for the yucca trees native to the park. It’ll tell you that Joshua Tree’s grow quickly and that you could eat the buds. But here’s what I’ll tell you: the name ‘Joshua’ was decided on by Mormons who thought that the tree’s natural form mimicked that of Joshua praying to the sky in an episode of the Bible, and that the sun sets on the rocks just right and that you can get great tacos in the small town right before you drive in. I’ll tell you that there’s a candy store in town and that you can freely camp and cook and wake up to snow in the desert. We can tell you this, because it’s real: the hidden gem of Joshua Tree is  something you have to experience to believe.

love, #krishna 

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