Twin Flame Telepathy

Twin Flame Telepathy is incredibly amazing. Sometimes a twin can be thinking about calling her twin flame, and right about when she is about to pick up the phone and call him… the phone rings and it’s them. This can occur at the most unexpected moments.

At a core soul level, you two are one. It is known to be a guarantee that when one twin dreams of the other, it is because the other was thinking of them. Cherishing this wonderful connection is amazing because when you connect, you WILL feel the pull, irrespective of how little or long it has been since you last saw them. It can work if you haven’t seen them for 5 years, it can work if  you haven’t seen them for 5 hours.

There is no greater love compatibility tool than the intuitive  tool of telepathy with your twin flame. Enjoy the twin flame telepathy and know that you will always have a special bond with them. 

To Twin Flames, #krishna