Lotus Oil: Yogi Beauty by Vinies Ayurveda 

Bringing you the majesty of nature, Ayurvedic herbal extracts and Aromatherapy oils infuse the skin and hair with healthy vibrancy and energy from their life-giving nutrients. Yogi carefully chooses herbs at the optimal time of year according to their purpose enhancing these special blends of rare botanicals and high-potency Aroma Therapy oils deliver beautiful, healthy, glowing hair and skin. 

In creating their formulations, they strategically use specific parts of the plant’s flowers, leaves, seeds, stems, bark and roots to deliver supreme results. 

Yogi Bath and Beauty products are eco-friendly, and rely only on the vast resource of nature’s botanical and pure Aromatherapy oils to achieve irresistible beauty and healthy radiance because what you put on, is what you put within. 

love, #krishna