The fourth chakra, also known as the heart chakra or Anahata, is the center of love and connection. A strong, balanced heart chakra allows you to live freely and openly from a place of compassion. However, a blocked heart chakra can interfere with your happiness and relationships in many ways.

Healing the heart chakra, you will find many ways to help balance the fourth chakra. The simplest is to surround yourself with things that stimulate it. Its color is green, so wearing green gemstones, like emerald, malachite, jade and green tourmaline is best, green clothing or jewelry and lighting green candles can help open and balance it. Chakra healing crystals are  useful for this.  

Regular meditation and yoga practice is wonderful for healing the chakras. Imagine a ball of light green healing energy in your chest, gently removing the blockage and opening your heart. Since Anahata’s element is air, deep breathing or pranayama into your heart space. 

love, #krishna