Amla Oil: Miracle Oil 

Amla, known as miracle oil since ages and for its goodness in terms of hair growth. Amla or aka Indian gooseberries is a fruit that has been used in many recipes and  known to be effective for hair loss treatment, scalp related issues, and promotes hair growth, massaging the scalp is a way to increase blood circulation and massaging the hair with amla oil does that more effectively. Apart from that amla oil helps in opening up the pores allowing the scalp to produce natural oils. You can learn how to give yourself a scalp massage. 

Do you wonder how it’s made? Amla Oil, is made traditionally by immersing amla fruit in oil. Coconut oil, sesame oil or mineral oil. After soaking for few days, experience the oil,  after removing the fruit and purifying the oil. 

How to make amla oil with amla powder?
You will need:

2 teaspoons amla powder.

5 tablespoons coconut oil (or any other oils you wish)

Combine amla powder and coconut oil in a stainless-steel pan. Place the pan on the lowest heat setting and occasionally keep stirring. When it starts to bubble, cook for another minute, then turn off the heat, cover the pan, and then when ready you can strain it into an amla bottle of your choice and apply.  

It makes a good hair potion! love, #krishna