Candy Crush The New Gameshow On CBS 

Kelly Krishna April 12, 2017: 8:11 PM PT 10:11 PM ET 

We were happy to get a sneak peek on set of  ‘Candy Crush’ oh how  addictive the games and gamers are on ‘Candy Crush’ 

This summer, on CBS, Sunday, July 9, “Candy Crush” comes on the scene.  Daytime Emmy Award-winning TV and radio personality Mario Lopez serving as the host for Candy Crush, In the live game show. 

Soon you will be able to play Candy Crush while watching Candy Crush. 

The one-hour live show is developed by Lionsgate in collaboration with popular game maker King — it features teams of two competing to be crowned a Candy Crush champion.
The pair of two teammates will use their smarts and physical strength to compete on interactive game boards using “next generation technology.”

Matt Kunitz is the executive producer who is behind the forthcoming Candy Crush series. 

He has been working closely with King’s chief creative officer and Candy Crush Saga creator Sebastian Knutsson throughout the project.

Did you know that Candy Crush has attracted a loyal and addicted fan base since 2012 — many of which have made in-app purchases, Users still play about 18 billion game rounds each month? 

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