Sun in Taurus: When Luxury & Love Meet

Can you feel it? The Sun has moved  into sensory Taurus and it feels amazing. The Venus energy since Taurus is ruled by planet Venus, Goddess Of Love.

It’s a time to stop and smell the roses. Most of all, it’s time to take relationships to the next level.
With Sun in Taurus you’ll desire,  you’ll crave, you’ll indulge but most of all you’ll want to commit yourself in a lasting and meaningful way. Sun in Taurus is the perfect time to examine your relationship potential and see where romance is headed! 

April is the month of love! We have had a Full Moon in Libra (ruled by Venus) and a New Moon in Taurus (again, ruled by Venus). Moreover, Venus turned direct on April 15th, giving us the green light for romance, relationships, money, personal values, and beauty.

During the past six weeks, Venus asked us to have an honest look at our relationships, our possessions, our values, and check to see if they are still connected. We are now prepared to move forward in closer alignment with our true values. When Venus turned direct she was close to Chiron at 26° Pisces, opening us to the deep healing power of love.
love, #krishna