The Pop Game, My Partner Knows Best: Lifetime

More tv please.. 

Lifetime is getting their game on.  TV series: My Partner Knows Best. Hosted by Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen. 

Who knows how much of what we saw on set today will be cut, but hopefully they don’t cut any of the Island View scenes. Sorry you are going to have to wait to see what happens when it appears on tv. 

Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen are hosting a game show called My Partner Knows Best. A new relationship comedy game show where married couples face off in a series of hilarious challenges based on real-life relationship obstacles.

The show, which will air for ten episodes on the Lifetime network announced Biggs and Mollen are not only the hosts, but are listed among the producers as well. 
Four couples will compete each week, and one will walk away with the money and be able to say My Partner Knows Best!  The show doesn’t yet have an air date, but we will be looking forward. 
We wish you a grand congratulations for all of the new and wonderful creations you are sharing with the world. 

love, #krishna 

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