What is a Soulmate? 

A soulmate is someone you bond with on a soul level. It’s a person, or even a pet, that comes into your life for a special connection that greatly enriches your life and helps you grow. This is someone who helps you see yourself more clearly and more lovingly – and this helps you to progress spiritually.

Soulmate connections could be a significant component of your success. After all, soulmates help catalyze full expression of your life purpose. They provide helpful support in obvious and not-so-obvious ways – and introducing you to someone who can open new doors of opportunity. You both bring out the best qualities of each other. 

Soulmates are not random. Since the connection is at a soul level, the two souls are involved in orchestrating the meeting and other happenstance. It’s common for this connection to occur over a number of lifetimes, resulting in a strong bond. That’s why when you first meet, you can feel like you are old friends – there’s an ease with each other that comes from soul remembrance of long experience and lives shared. 

What happens is that by knowing mates as souls in different circumstances over time, you bond and help one another grow. Your strong soul bonds over time magnetize you together again and again. . 

In spirit’s view, there is a unique purpose to each connection and it stands on its own. Being with one soulmate rather than another does not take away from the special bonds each partnership has. From a cosmic perspective, you are an eternal being having a series of experiences in this physical reality. Sometimes you grow the most from chaos & conflict, that catalyzes a deeper inner questioning.  

To see and appreciate the gift of the relationship in the present moment.  

Stay in-the-now and heart-centered with each person you meet. Over time you will discover soulmate bonds with a few more people. Give it your best, to learn from each one, listening to what your heart tells you about the connection and what it means in the current moment. Think of each soulmate connection as another opportunity to be loving to yourself and others. 

It’s all about the Love! 

To Soulmates,

Kelly Krishna Dunn 

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