Smiling Buddha Kriya

Historically this is a profound kriya. It is said to have been practiced by both Buddha and Yeshua. It is said that Yeshua (Jesus) also learned this in his travels.You have probably seen this hand mudra or gesture in paintings and statues. It is a gesture and exercise of happiness and it opens the flow of the Heart Center.


No worries about learning this kriya to be a Buddha or a Yeshua, just learn it to be yourself. Try the technique and experience the state it brings, then share it by creating beauty and peace.


Posture: Easy Pose

Mudra: Extend the Jupiter (index) and Saturn (middle) fingers up and curl the Sun (ring) and Mercury (little) fingers, pressing them down with the thumb. Bring the hands up so the elbows are pushed back and a 30 degree angle is made between the upper arm and the forearm. The palms face forward and the forearms are parallel to one another. Make sure the elbows are pressed back and the chest is out.

Eyes: Closed; concentrate at the Third Eye very powerfully.

Mantra: Panj Shabad. Saa Taa Naa Maa. Chant mentally at the Third Eye Point. Saa=Infinite, Taa=Life, existence, Naa=Death, Maa=Regeneration, light. These are the bij sounds of Sat Naam, which means, “I am Truth.”

Time: 11minutes.

To End: Inhale deeply, exhale, open and close the fists several times, and relax.


Smiling Buddha Kriya-Meditation is the suggested meditation and yogic technique shared this morning on our “Love Never Dies” podcast. When we feel that we truly and appropriately have experienced the totality of our grief and decide that it is time to look forward, Smiling Buddha Meditation  may be considered as a technology to provide transformation.




Smiling Buddha Meditation is extremely effective in providing the means to elevate ourselves in a very specific way to maximize our luminescence as humans. It is a meditation for repairing and opening the heart center. When the heart is open you can only feel elevated and blissfully fulfilled.

To Healing,




The Energetic Doorway 

Everything that we create can be changed. If we have had an unhappy experience, at least one that we judge to be unhappy, going back and revisiting it and asking for a new way to view it to see what the gift is in it, because every experience has a gift in it. Sometimes it does not feel much like a gift as we are coming through it, but going back and asking to see it differently, sparks up that there has been a gifting in it. 

This weekend’s energetic doorway is like a moment in time when we can have flashpoints of awareness and other personal breakthroughs. Some of these may be so unprecedented that our entire life view shifts in radical ways. 

With a new view, life may look vastly different than it did before including potentials and path forward. This could relate to personal life path or expression of life purpose. It could be about key people too – those you know and perhaps those you will be meeting. It could relate to the ability to shine your light in a more meaningful and fulfilling way. 

These new insights, when acted upon with divine timing, could radically shift your daily experience of what it is like to truly live in this world connected to All That Is. 

 And so it is. 
Sparkling Blessings,

Kelly Krishna Dunn