Self Care for The Emotionally Sensitive


Emotional sensitivity in truth is a blessing. If you have been told by others that you are too thin-skinned, that you wear your heart on your sleeve or that you feel too deeply, you are likely a misunderstood, emotionally sensitive person. The good news is that your emotional sensitivity is a core aspect of your authentic self and a strength that can be beneficial to yourself and to others. But to get the most out of your innate sensitivity, you must first understand it.

You are highly attuned to emotional energy when you are emotionally sensitive. You perceive a wider range and intensity of emotions than others. It may sometimes feel as if your emotions are magnified and may absorb the worry, stress, fear and sadness of others and feel it as your own.

Emotional sensitivity may not be a choice. But you can make a choice as to what and whose emotions and feelings you absorb. You likely are unconsciously absorbing the emotional energy of those who you love and care about and those who are in close physical proximity to. It is possible to shift your emotional receptors to feel the higher vibrations of love.

From the beginning of time, philosophers, poets, seers and teachers have spoken of the universal power of love. Emotionally sensitive people have direct access to tuning into and absorbing this higher aspect of love. Wherever you are, you can receive and absorb the positive energy.

To shift your emotional sensitivity from absorbing stressful and unhealthy emotional energy to effectively receiving the higher vibrations of love, try these steps.

Begin by making a commitment to yourself and informing the universe that you are no longer willing to be an emotional sponge for negative and detrimental emotional energy. As much as you may want to help others to heal or resolve their difficulties, know that feeling their pain does not dissolve it. In fact, it just makes it stronger. Even though it may not seem as if you have a choice, know that you do not have to be an emotional sponge for the free floating, emotional pain, negativity, stress, fear and anxiety that you may encounter in crowds, while in social environments.

Become aware of the people in your life whose feelings you are the most susceptible to absorbing. Realize that you do not have to be emotionally enmeshed with another to maintain a positive connection. This is not the same as shutting down or not being available to those who you love and care for. Instead, you are taking charge of your sensitivity and using it in a more beneficial way.

You likely absorb certain feelings and emotions, more than others. When unresolved fear, sadness or grief reside within you, you are more likely to feel it in others. Discover your emotional wounds and heal and release them. This will prevent you from unconsciously attracting and absorbing these emotions and feelings in others. 

Listen within to the inner voice of your authentic self. When emotions and feelings surface, ask yourself if this emotion is your own or someone else’s. If this is not your emotion ask yourself what the source of it is and let go of it.

Be compassionate and patient. You have likely been emotionally sensitive since childhood and it may take some time to sort through your emotions and get to the core of your genuine personal feelings. 

Have a source of positive energy in your life. Many find love, peace, and solace in a spiritual practice. Meditation, yoga, rituals, and quiet time in nature can provide you with the opportunity to  connect with the pure energy of unconditional love. Create a safe place in your home where you can relax, unwind and come into balance.

Be honest about your needs. Do not feel shame or embarrassment if you need more alone time than others. If you do not want to socialize in large groups or in an environment that feels overwhelming, graciously decline and take care of yourself. Others may not understand you, so it is especially crucial for your well being that you understand and have compassion for yourself. As you do this you will be able to be more present and available to the people and activities that are most important to you. 

To Self Care,

Kelly Krishna Dunn


World’s Best Non-Alcoholic Wines for the Holidays

Let’s go straight to number One. ARIEL is more than mere grape juice! Simply put, non-alcoholic wine is wine, that has had the alcohol removed. Being around wine professionals for years watching traditional winemaking methods, wine is not foreign to me. The art of wine amazes me and after the juice is fermented, dealcoholized wine skips one step but for people who are interested in keeping it sober as a lifestyle or for around the holidays this is a necessary step in dealcoholized wine-making is to remove the alcohol in the final stages using cold filtration process. This allows people to enjoy the pleasure of a fermented beverage, but without the alcohol.


ARIEL Wines use premium, California-grown wine grapes. They have great spirit and are committed to making the highest quality, best-tasting non-alcoholic wine available in the market today. That said, ARIEL does not taste the same as wines containing alcohol, so it will not satisfy all palates. While ARIEL is made in a similar manner to regular wines, and if you are transitioning to non-alcoholic wines after being accustomed to drinking traditional wines, it may take a few ARIEL experiences before you get used to its lightness. However, this taste to that of traditional wines with alcohol is lighter, smoother and very enjoyable to drink.

whitewine2Everybody’s situation is different. You make your own decisions but people who are in recovery and who had to cut off drinking all together including their social life just to survive the difficulties of maintaing a sober lifestyle can benefit from this non-alcoholic wine experience. I highly recommend being sturdy and strong in recovery before pursuing drinking non-alcoholic wine. At least two to three-year sober and onwards. It brings back a sense of fun into your social life during holiday gatherings. This wine meets the legal definition of a non-alcoholic beverage, which states that the product must contain less than half of one percent alcohol (<0.5%). Believe it or not, ARIEL dealcoholized wines contain even less alcohol than most orange juices!

Anyways, finding this has been a treasure for holiday festivities and coming from a world traveler who has experienced every single wine from every country around the world, (personally could have been a professional somenier) that ARIEL is the only non-alcoholic wine in history to win a gold medal in a competition against wines with alcohol! It is recognized by 17 countries worldwide as the leader in producing the best-tasting, highest-quality non-alcoholic wines. It is true. The wine grapes for ARIEL Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are grown in the most storied estate vineyard on California’s Central Coast, this is key to why their wines turn out rich in flavor. So if you are looking for a tasty dealcoholized Cabernet or Chardonnay my hat goes off to these two.





Second to ARIEL is Eisberg Alcohol Free Rose Wine  This wine is harvested and processed in the normal way, and the alcohol is removed at the end. It does have 0.05% alcohol in the wine by the end of the process, but that amount in a bottle of wine is negligible. This Rose wine is perfect for the day  and can be paired with light meals, refreshing salads, or, some spicy foods, with a sweet rose and strawberry flavor and a hint of cherry. Yum!


Third is a charm and next on our list is FRE wines. This wine is great if you’re looking to go organic with your wine as well as your groceries. It’s made specially sourced white grapes from Bordeaux. Half Sauvignon Blanc. It’s fresh, tangy, and dry white wine that’s great as an aperitif, and accompanies seafood and desserts best. Fre wines are excellent for making celebrations extra special all year-long!

These are our top three choices, but there are plenty more non-alcoholic wines out there. You will find a glass that will suit you and your tastes exactly.


Cheers to a fantastic and festive Thanksgiving Holiday!

Kelly Krishna Dunn




Healthy for the Holidays

New ways to make Thanksgiving Amazing with a healthy twist creating the holiday party Healthy for the Holidays


Cumin-Roasted Cauliflower and Jerusalem Artichokes

Fill up on these delicious gratitude  cumin-roasted-cauliflower-and-jerusalem-artichokes This is a vegetarian recipe and Total Time is: 1 hr 10 min and preparation is about 20min. Cooking time is 50min. Serves 4-6 servings and it really is a simple recipe and wonderful to make for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday Season!!



May love, joy, and happiness be yours in abundance this holiday season.


With Gratitude,

Kelly Krishna Dunn 🙂



Wahine Surf Diva -Guide to Catch Wonderful Waves

Wahine is the Hawaiian word for female; also a surfer woman who is skilled in all aspects of the ocean. Here is a Guide to catch wonderful waves in lagunabeach -Guide to the sport of Surfing. You might surf reef breaks where bright and blue yellow fish come in and out of focus as the ocean ebbs and flows or beach breaks where dolphins (which you could swear were trained at Sea World) jump and dive in the waves. There is something that feels so right about floating over the rhythmic sea. Something peaceful. Getting tumbled is only Mother Nature’s awesome power reminding you that while she may let you charm her, she can certainly never be conquered. Surfing blends a rare combination of athleticsim and grace that is usally required of figure skaters and ballerinas. Watching great surfers (professionally or soul) is like watching a distilled dance of human and water, a person at ONE with the ocean. Check out our treasures and surf spots!