Road to Freedom

When you’re ready for change, surrender is the way to go so allow the transitions and transformation and be prepared to allow and receive.

If surrender is a hard concept for you, learn to stop resisting and start receiving. Since we have been having eclipses that bring forth change and a double dose of spiritual lessons and learning, We can each be powerful in our own lives while also connecting with all of humanity in a powerful and self and whole empowering way.

Moving into new paradigms of awareness, understanding, and empowerment come with a price that can be heavy at times, when we must let go of what no longer fits into the new reality. That process of letting go is surrender, acknowledging that we must release what represents resistance to our transformation.  Part of our surrender too, is allowing situations to end by recognizing that they have come to the ‘end of their energy road’. Sometimes these endings feel like a failure because we have given so much and worked so hard to create that outcome. We did not fail and cannot fail when an outcome depends on what someone else is going to choose. The past is gone and we need to face forward. While we may regret what did not work out the way we wanted, there is always a new day, new dawn,  new potentials, and a fresh start to the road to freedom.

love, #krishna









Twin Flame Runner Eventually Returns 

Our Twin Flames, are known to be our vibrational match in this world. We unite with our Twin Flame to experience soulful transformation and the fulfillment of our pure potentials this lifetime.  

However, connecting with our Twin Flame is an intense, overwhelming and sometimes excruciating experience. This is because it triggers and pulls up old fears, wounds and ego blockages. As a result, every Twin Flame relationship eventually experiences what we refer to as the “runner and chaser” dynamic. This period of life is both complex and extremely distressing for both partners who, deep down, simply desire Union. 

Eventually as individual healing takes place, the Twin who is known for “running” finds that it is time to return to their Twin Flame for a reunion. The message now is to surrender to the love and light that is within us. It is a call to allow the love between you and your Twin Flame to flow freely, and to fully align with the divine plan. 

Surrender empowers us to get closer to our True nature, which is that of our eternal soul, it is the final step before fully understanding and knowing ourselves. Our twin flame is the one who by just being themselves calls us to return to the Divine. 

love, #krishna