Intuitive Living

Intuition is a gift that each of us have, and like all gifts – all potentials, abilities, and talents – some go to waste and others rise to great heights and sweet achievements.

The choice is yours, and that is good news because the power lies within you.

Intuition is a guidance system and whether you believe it or not does not change the fact that it exists. Being guided by your intuitions doesn't mean abandon reason it means to allow your perception to balance your consciousness.

love, #krishna

U.S. Open of Surfing: Skate and BMX heats up Huntington Beach festival

U.S. Open of Surfing isn’t just about watching surfing competitors in the ocean. Even though, that is lovely.

Skate and BMX fans will have plenty of entertainment on the sand, with some of the world’s best athletes showing their skills for the Vans Park Series and the Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships.

The 2017 Vans Park Series Pro Tour is the premiere series for professional park terrain skateboarders.

Known for its combination of speed, style, flow, and creativity, park terrain is the fastest growing discipline in competitive skateboarding today.

Good luck to all of the competitors

love, #krishna

Vans US Open of Surfing 2017

The Huntington Beach Pier will soon make some new friends- actually, a few hundred thousand new friends.

2017 Vans US Open of Surfing has already declared the south side of the pier, marking the fifth straight year of the Orange County-based skate company the world's largest action sports festival.

It formally kicks off on Saturday, July 29, and rips through Sunday, August 6.

With a continued focus on its core, the nine-day family-friendly, community sports competition welcomes the world's biggest popular names in surfing, skate, and BMX. More than 300 world-class athletes and over half a million spectators are expected to attend. Alongside the sports action, Van Doren Village will again play host to art exhibitions and hands-on creative workshops, Steve Van Doren will resume his usual post behind the community grill, and Vans Movie Nights return to Pier Amphitheater.

Where: Huntington Beach Pier, Southside
When: Sat. 7/29 – Sun. 8/6
Most Radical Days: Fri. 8/4 - Sun. 8/6

Schedule: View the complete schedule of events at

Please note that the full surf schedule will be posted the week of the competition.

Cost: Free and open to the public

Viewing: Huntington Beach Pier, Surf Stadium, and on the sand. All events can also be viewed live via,, the WSL app, and WSL Facebook LIVE. Check local listings for coverage on CBS Sports Network.
Forecast: View the complete surfline forecast at

Schedule: View the schedule of events at—all of which take place at Surf Stadium.

See the full lineup at

Schedule // View the schedule of events at—all of which take place at the Vans Pro Park.

See the full lineup at

Schedule: View the complete schedule of events at—which take place at the Amphitheater and Vans Pro Park.

See the full lineup at

love, #krishna

New Moon in Leo: Letting Go Of Pain & Suffering

We can still feel the powerful New Moon that took place on July 23rd 2017. It is a new cycle that helps to establish our potential and to reconnect with something bigger than us. It's only then will we feel complete and stable whatever happens.

The lunar energy makes us realize our emptiness or to fill a void within is just a disconnection with everything. By filling this gap it's best to recognize who you are and who you are not and you can discover that it is only the mind that makes you feel the void.

The moon asks you silently "Would you like peace?"

First step is trust, and when you trust leaving behind control, you must change your attitude to gratitude. Your mission will be revealed once you find out who you are.

Infinite Blessings
love, #krishna

Intentional Alignment

When your highest mind consciousness and heart unify… everything is available again. Surround yourself with love, with the highest vibration of everything, and notice how many gifts are available to you. It is a time to give back, to pay it forward, contribute, to be the supportive one that shares through your own deep inner-connection with everyone.

Setting intentions means to set a goal that is alignment with your Spirit. To live intentionally and mindfully, start with a positive intention as your realities re-align easier as you realize and it is a time when you see what is truly available and realize the way that materialization manifests when you are this love vibration.


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Letting go of the old structure that kept you bound and re-creating all new realities built on love, kindness and care for yourself and all you come into contact with.

Light in all that you do and say, to share your light, so bright, that it blinds everyone around you, to radiate so much love.. This is your power.

If you find it too hard that you can not open up, you can’t connect, If you hold back, keep telling yourself the old stories and believing your life is “less than”.. you are shorting yourself from the most magnificent, magical, and amazing experience here on earth. Until all of that separation energy is gone and you choose to allow yourself to vibrate back into your own existence. When you are truly ready to embrace the unknown, you are learning to trust again.

love #krishna