Intentional Alignment

When your highest mind consciousness and heart unify… everything is available again. Surround yourself with love, with the highest vibration of everything, and notice how many gifts are available to you. It is a time to give back, to pay it forward, contribute, to be the supportive one that shares through your own deep inner-connection with everyone.

Setting intentions means to set a goal that is alignment with your Spirit. To live intentionally and mindfully, start with a positive intention as your realities re-align easier as you realize and it is a time when you see what is truly available and realize the way that materialization manifests when you are this love vibration.


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Letting go of the old structure that kept you bound and re-creating all new realities built on love, kindness and care for yourself and all you come into contact with.

Light in all that you do and say, to share your light, so bright, that it blinds everyone around you, to radiate so much love.. This is your power.

If you find it too hard that you can not open up, you can’t connect, If you hold back, keep telling yourself the old stories and believing your life is “less than”.. you are shorting yourself from the most magnificent, magical, and amazing experience here on earth. Until all of that separation energy is gone and you choose to allow yourself to vibrate back into your own existence. When you are truly ready to embrace the unknown, you are learning to trust again.

love #krishna