Sunrise in Different Dimensions 

Life is a precious moment, sometimes we can forget this. When you meet with your awareness, it is a mechanism of life flowing, and as your awareness and life interacts, life is being shaped by you! 
What potential futures are you offering to Life? 

As life is observed, whether it’s your own or another’s experience; it becomes important to be able to connect with a feeling of safety, security, and a feeling of a unlimited potential. 

Observing life is a good exercise for discovering potentials with the positive energies that you are wanting to create. It’s good for breaking through challenge and taking the opportunity that challenge presents. 

This is not the first time most of you have understood that this yearning is the essence of your soul calling to you, guiding you back into alignment with your truth. 

Time and time again, you’ve  followed your intuition, risked it all in devotion to your soul, and trusted that this call within you was greater than your fear. And time and time again, this trust and devotion has repaid 10 fold… but in between it has tested you. When you observe life, you are a witness and it is important to develop your strength that creates a level of neutrality with the physical experience so that you may connect with the potential improvement and neutrality that helps find self-compassion with the present moment. As you are able to shift your resonance within, you are able to connect with a potential that resides in the subtle realm that resolves challenge into a new potential. This is the core of creating a new experience, anchoring a new creation, rather than just repeating a pattern with a different façade. 

Sitting back, allowing, and surrender. Draw the desire to you to make the soul call manifest.

love, #krishna 

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