Add Beautiful Spring Flowers to Your Home 

Tis the season for beautiful blooms. Look to Mother Nature for a rainbow palette that’s pleasing to the eye. Red, pink, and orange tulips evoke a fiery sunset when combined together.

Spring brings a garden full of lilacs and tulips. Pair these two indoors and create a lush DIY bouquet flower arrangement put them in a vase with fresh water placed throughout different parts of the house. This brings so much life, prana energy into the home environment, it adds positive energy chi. 

While you can never go wrong with a classic arrangement of roses, or a full bouquet of carnations, the most on-trend bouquets like using a lot more greenery or different colors are bringing more of  relaxed, botanical style. 

These days, a bouquet doesn’t have to be over-the-top to make an impact on your living space. Simple yet an impressive option is to choose flowers that are beautiful on their own and have character. 

A beautiful bouquet can also be as simple as a handful of specialty blooms such as ranunculus, garden rose or protea placed in a clear vase. The easy arrangements will add a perfect finishing touch to every room.

There is also a moodier movement happening with flowers, even for the brighter days of spring. Stretch the spectrum between dark and light by adding deep, rich tones like merlot, burgundy and blackberry into a neutral colour palette, you can create depth, dimension and mental connection. The overall feel of the colour palette remains timeless and a subtle sense of full bloom and complexity to a  beautifully mixed flowers bouquet. 

Happy Easter Weekend and Chag Sameach. love, #krishna 


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