Celebrating Winter Solstice Light

Solstice is a natural way to reconnect with life’s divine plan and to feel a deep connection to all of life and the natural world.

Reflecting on the journey is a wonderful way to celebrate the Solstice…Powerful points in time to celebrate the light, honor your path, and vibe up!

Just as with the cycles of the sun, there are peaks and lows in the spiritual journey as well. There are times to move forward, times to share, times to go inward and reflect, times to step back and even dark nights of the soul.

Honor and celebrate your unique journey and the inherent cycles within walking a spiritual path and living a human life as well.

Today, when we celebrate the sun and as it aligns your cycles with it, your spirit gets a lovely dose of inspiring energy and an infusion of light to support you as you continue to progress along your spiritual path.

Happy Winter Solstice!

love, k 🙂

Winter Solstice: December 21st 2017

December 21st marks the deepest and longest part of winter beginning tomorrow. Winter Solstice, in another sense, marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. Solstice’s significance, has been connected with most intimately to witches, pagans, and druid communities who draw their beliefs and rituals from Celtic, Welsh, and Icelandic cultures, and from indigenous people in what is now Canada.

Solstices are auspicious days that were designed to celebrate the new energy and changing of the seasons. cheers – Happy Winter Solstice!

love, k.