Jamie Foxx’s Beat Shazam’ Renewed for Season Two

Jamie is the ultimate host and entertainer. He’s ready for life, a larger-than-life personality, with a passion for music that’s contagious.

Congratulations to Season Two of Beat Shazam at Fox and Congratulations to Corrine Marie Foxx who recently graduated from USC.

Today’s live taping for Jamie Foxx’s Beat Shazam game show was really amazing. A grand piano on the set of his game show, he plays music and the piano beautifully.

Beat Shazam Thursdays 8/7c on Fox

love, kelly krishna dunn

Wake-up Kriya

Jumpstart yourself every morning with this Kundalini Yoga Morning Wake-up Set

Yoga Reference: Yoga Sets

The following Yoga set comes from the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga.  This set (kriya) can be done anytime of the day although it is best done in the early morning hours. Overall this kriya works on your digestive, respiratory, immune and nervous systems.

The Pranayam (breathing exercise) used for most of this set is the Breath of Fire, is ideal for beginning a Kundalini Yoga practice and done regularly can help form a very good grounding base from which to progress to more advanced work and suitable for doing prior to a meditation session.

Kundalini Yoga Morning Wake-up Set