How To Style Sneakers

Make it fun and sporty, as we are going to share with you ten ways how to style your sneakers. You are going to be amazed by these fashion-forward styles. It looks like these athletic shoes having a serious moment, making a statement appearance in the streets with your athletic footwear. The thing is you can wear them in your everyday life, to special events and athletic activities. We personally, love this trend, but it seems tricky to know the right ways to combine them with your everyday clothes. That’s why we decided to understand the best ways how to style sneakers with tops and bottoms. We’ve gathered ten looks for your inspiration.


Add sneakers to a long dress
Dress down a maxi or dress up a sundress with a pair of kicks.


Wear white sneakers with an all-white outfit
An all-white outfit with a pair of fresh white kicks can be elevated to look and feel sophisticated, stylish and sleek.


Pair sneakers with shorts
Classic model-off duty uniform: denim shorts, white tee, leather jacket, and of course sneakers.


Work-friendly contrast sneakers 
For a sophisticated style, spin your kicks with office-friendly sneakers.


More and more jobs are shifting to business casual or no-dress-code environments. For those on the other end of the spectrum, it means that sneakers are an everyday option and no restrictions are placed on footwear choices.

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How To Take Better Family Vacation Pictures

Family holiday is one of the most greatest moments in the year that you want to remember with photographs.

It’s a great time to document your family story because you are all together, having fun, you visit new places, and you have time. Preserving those memories is fantastic for the older and younger kids too, to know what they were a part of.  And how enjoyable is it to look at the photo album and retrieve the good memories throughout the year! But if you want to get some good snapshots, ones that you will love to go back to, you need to think a little bit in advance and prepare here are a few suggestions on How To Take Better Family Pictures. 


1. Have fun. Look for unique angles such as carefully climbing high above your subjects, or getting the camera low to the ground for a change in viewpoint. Take both video and stills when you do this for more variety.


2. We’ve all run out of power at one point in time or another but doing so while traveling can be crushing. Make sure your batteries are fresh (if your camera uses Alkaline batteries) and fully charged (if your camera uses rechargeable Li-ion ones)


3. Bring extra media cards. You don’t want to face the decision of having to delete images or video clips to make room for new ones in the middle of your vacation.


4. Shoot your food! It’s simple to take a fabulous shot of a mouth-watering plate of food by zooming in tight on the dish. This is a fun photo you can take to remember the delicacies you enjoyed on your trip.


5. Take a variety of photos: This will help you tell a more complete story of your trip.


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5 Fun Ways to Surprise Your Husband

A surprise gift could easily be the best way to surprise your husband as birthday celebrations are approaching or if you just want to do something sweet for your man, read our five fun ways to surprise your husband. He will love it!

1. Create a photo slide show or music mix mp3 for him. Pull together some of his favorite photos and select the music that both represents your relationship.



2. Give him a ‘just because’ gift. You don’t have to spend tons of money to come up with a creative gift he will love.



3. King for a day. Let him write down his perfect day for you, what would be written on that list? Then spend an entire day to do as many things on that list as possible.



4. Make a love trail. Use rose petals, or his favorite candy, whatever he loves to lead him to a special place where the two of you can be alone under the full moon in the beautiful moonlight.



5. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Throw a dinner party and invite his favorite people to come celebrate him with you. It could be his closest friends, colleagues, family, and others he’d enjoy having dinner with and who love him enough to celebrate.



Every woman, once in a while, could surprise her husband. Little surprises will not only make your husband happy, but they also add spice and change up the routine in your marriage.

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