Solar Eclipse in Leo

We are having a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo tomorrow on Monday, August 21st and in the early hours of August 22nd in the East. This eclipse has been named ‘The Great American Eclipse’ as its pathway of totality will be cutting across the US from coast to coast.


Solar Eclipses are like a supercharged New Moon which occur every 6 months. They happen back to back with a Lunar Eclipse which is a supercharged Full Moon. Eclipse periods intertwine with endings and beginnings and in some cases can feel like starting a whole new chapter.

The energies are strongest within a month of occurring which is when related events or circumstances may transpire. The effects of eclipses can still manifest over the following 6 months and gradually leading up to it.

In the lead up to this, we recently had a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. Its energies signify changes around our friendships, associates, colleagues, teams, or a collective. It could even have to do with how we express ourselves in these dynamics, and also potentially lead to new growth in relationships and partnerships.


We started Mercury retrograde in Virgo on August 12th/13th which will last until September 5th/6th. Mercury Retrograde is a time of adjustments, insights, re visitation, and reorientation. The fact that this one is coinciding with eclipse season really emphasizes significant changes occurring late September, especially in the next 2-3 weeks following this Solar Eclipse.


Solar Eclipses always occur when there is a New Moon near one of the two Lunar Nodes, which in this case it is the North Node. The Nodes are where the pathway of the Moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic which is the pathway of the Sun.

The closer a New Moon is to a Node, the more coverage the Moon will have in blocking the Sun making it more astrologically significant as far as changes are concerned.


Leo is ruled by the Sun and it is the sign of the creator, the leader, the performer, and the superstar. It is about love and heart centered self-expression, whether it is in creative efforts, blissful activities, or in relationships. Leo is passionate, and inspiring, which is what earns Leo natives the spotlight they may desire. Leo is also associated with the inner child, children and has childlike and playful qualities.


This Solar Eclipse is aligned with Regulus, which is the brightest star that is closest to the Sun’s ecliptic pathway. This is the “heart of the Lion of the Leo constellation.

love, #krishna