Which Aromas are Best for Vata? 

Vatas are full of energy and creativity when their dosha is in balance. When unbalanced, Vatas have a hard time focusing that energy and they can become anxious and restless. That’s where aromatherapy comes in. 

Aromas suggested for Vata 
For someone whose primary dosha is Vata, warm, sweet, and sour aromas are generally the most balancing. 








You can place a drop of the oil on the back of your hand or wrist and inhale the scent. Another way to use aromatherapy is to place about 10 drops of an essential oil in hot water and allow the scent to fill the room for a half hour. It’s fun to experiment with the combinations and create your own essential oil mixtures. 

Explore for yourself and see which aromatherapy techniques work best for you.

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