The Wall – NBC Game Show Returns

We were lucky to sit in live on set for The Wall – NBC hosted by actor, author, comedian and TV personality Chris Hardwick,  and Executive Producer and NBA superstar Lebron James comes The Wall, the quickest and simplest game with more than $12 million on the line every night. The wall was built for one purpose – to change people’s lives. With tremendous cash prizes, this game can change lives in an instant. The Wall offers a pair of life partners life-altering cash prizes. Simple Rules: Get a question correct and a green ball falls down the wall and adds value of the slot to the players’ winning total. Miss a question and a red ball falls and subtracts the value from the team’s total. To build a huge cash prize, teammates who are telepathic and are tuned in with each other have an excellent chance of winning.

However, the towering wall can become wildly unpredictable and is not easily conquered. The wall has the ability to present millions of different outcomes. As the game progresses, the stakes get even higher when one team member is sent into an isolation room behind the wall. It is here where the beloved pair’s trust and faith in each other is tested as they play the rest of the game without any communication.

Emotional roller-coaster, the wall gives and the wall takes away. One minute you’re up and the next you’re one bounce away from zero. In this game, you need both the answers and bounces… with millions on the line.



“The Wall” is a collaboration between SpringHill Entertainment  and Glassman Media  with James, Hardwick, Maverick Carter and Andrew Glassman serving as executive producers. The Wall was developed by Glassman Media  in conjunction with CORE Media. 

Chris Hardwick is host and executive producer of NBC’s game show “The Wall.” Hardwick is a comedian, actor, TV host, author, writer, producer and podcaster made himself the voice for a generation of pop culture enthusiasts. Hardwick currently serves as founder, CEO and creative head of Nerdist Industries, a media empire under the Legendary Digital Network that encompasses the website,  YouTube channel and a podcast network of 49 shows that includes Nerdist Podcast, Hardwick’s own incredibly successful Nerdist Podcast , which he continues to host weekly.

Check it out when it Returns Thursday, June 22 at 9/8c. NBC



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