Gut Feelings

Intuitive decision-making is linked to gut feelings. The neurobiological gut-brain pathways. A gut-brain pathway carries gut-based, emotionally-charged signals carried by microbes from your gut to the brain where they can affect brain function.

 According to research, intuition and gut feelings are built on a series of both positive and negative gut-brain signals beginning at birth. These include gut-brain emotions such as reward hormones (dopamine), and hunger and craving hormones (ghrelin) which train the central nervous system. 
Years of repetitive gut-based brain signals form memories of emotional states that,  including predictions about the future and intuitive decision-making. 

In Ayurveda, predictions and intuition are similar concepts; both based on the extension of logic. There are many explanations for intuition, higher cognitive function, and higher states of consciousness. 

Ayurveda suggests living a positive, loving, giving, caring, lifestyle, called a sattvic lifestyle. A sattvic lifestyle is a prerequisite for the development of intuition and higher states of consciousness. 

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