The Courage To Trust Your Intuition 

Honoring your intuition, honoring your true Self, takes great courage. It may not be easy in the short term to act on your intuition, but it can be a big price to pay by not listening to it. 

Trust that nothing is revealed to you intuitively if it is not in your highest interest. Your intuition guides you, it is in service for your well-being.

As much as it takes courage to take action on your intuition, it can take courage to be honest with yourself and your situations. Acknowledging your intuition is about being real with yourself and what is true for you. 

It can be uncomfortable to be honest because of fears of loss, change and hurting others. But to deny your true Self is the biggest  denial of all. Therefore shine bright like a diamond and trust that your intuition is there to serve you. 

Try asking yourself “What is my intuition saying?” “What does my heart want?” Asking yourself questions opens you to your heart where your intuition lives. 

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