An experience of synchronicity, the realization dawns that a mysterious force is at play in the world—a kind of “cosmic clock” whose gears operate on a more subtle plane. For many awakening souls, the phenomenon of synchronicity provides a direct and unmistakable encounter with the mysteries of the spiritual realm. Because the experience has particular meaning to who is   involved, it has the power to open a portal to “the world of meaning,” which is the world of the soul in the wisdom teachings.

 The invisible, subtle dimension of spirit that is closest to our personalities (on the other side of the veil) is the realm of the soul, a realm technically related to the higher dimensions of mind, but one which also provides access to the plane of higher intuition. While the personality exists in a world of constantly changing circumstances and events, the soul dwells in a world of meaning.

From the perspective of the soul, the world of outer circumstances is a kaleidoscopic collection of symbols. Everything that we experience on the material plane is symbolic of something hidden within the deeper folds of consciousness.
As the soul awakens, it turns to the “task” of uncovering the meaning of life experiences, attempting to discern what each new circumstance may be trying to teach us. Once the needed learning has been extracted from difficult lessons, they no longer have to be repeated. 

 By observing synchronicities and trying to fathom their meaning, we are drawn into the world of the soul,  accelerating our progress on the path of transformation.

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