Planet News: Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful – Uranus Direct

2018 kicks off with Uranus Direct: a nonstop thrill-adventure start to new year 2018!! so click in your seat belt and be sure to tune into your ET antennae because since January 2nd when Uranus began its forward motion, we began moving at light speed, traveling to galaxies both distant and near by, known and unknown, and finishing up a seven-year journey that turned the world upside down and inside out. For the next nine weeks all the planets are direct as nothing interferes with this Uranian mission and purpose. As Uranus is, after all, the astral symbol for surprising plot twists, and that translates into even more reversals of fortune, individual and collective, over the next several months.

Uranus Direct began with a trine to Mercury, a positive combination that symbolizes inspired thinking capable of conceptual leaps. And today and tomorrow, as the Moon, in Leo, joins the team, there’s a Grand Trine, in Fire, which fills the air with passion and the need to express that passion creatively. Make good use of this intensity by channeling its force into what you love.

love, k ❤