Live the Life You Imagine!

Real Power is the power to be a Conscious Change-maker in your own life. It is the courage to speak up and take a stand, to embrace the discomfort of uncertainty and engage with your intuition. Prosperity emerges; not just financially, but on all levels; prosperity of peace, thought, emotions, healed relationships and trust.

If you are tired of holding back and know that you are capable of experiencing more, there’s no better time to supercharge your prosperity than NOW.

Here are a few ways to start supercharging your prosperity using your intuition:


Know that you deserve it – Self-doubt within yourself creates a roadblock. You were born to experience abundance and prosperity  in every area of your life. Regardless of what your life looks and feels like right now, you are just as valuable and deserving as any other person. Keep in mind that the sub-conscious can’t tell the difference between what is real and imagined. Keep up with positive thinking. Turn the negative ones into positive.


Visualize it – The more that you can imagine your dream with all the senses, the more vivid, inspiring, and energizing it will be for you. It becomes your target.


Breathe – When you stop to breathe deeply, you bring yourself into the present and then the present can tap you into your intuition to guide you.


Connect – With yourself and with others who inspire and support you. Go into the direction that your energy inspires you to go, even if your mind doesn’t understand exactly why yet.

Commit – To being open, to trusting your intuition, to taking action, and to keep going. Whether in your personal life or in your work, abundance and prosperity is there, waiting for you to embrace, accept, and step into it.

Let today be the first step in supercharging your prosperity to create the life you imagine! Here’s to your ongoing prosperity and success!

love, k 🙂



Superfruit Pomegranate Smoothie

Superfruit pomegranate smoothie has some essential ingredients that not only gets thumbs up in the taste department but provides added nutrients that your body craves. Let’s get whirling my friend!

We would be lost without our Vitamix blender, and it’s a smoothie maker of choice.  Instead of pressing the button on our coffee maker, my morning routine is loading up the blender with all the ingredients needed to start the day off right. If you’re like me, 5 minutes is all you’ve got before rushing out the door.


• Pomegranate: One of the most recognizable superfruits available, the sweet and tangy fruit packs a  punch. The pomegranate juice, fruit, and skin is a source of antioxidants like  polyphenolic flavonoids and anthocyanidins that help to scavenge free radicals. The juice also provides Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, potassium, and fiber when consuming the arils. This smoothie recipe adds juice and arils, so you get benefits from both. Pomegranates are in season from September to February, so eat them now while they are at its peak!

• Pears: Each tasty crisp bite provides high amounts of fiber. In a 100 calorie serving, pears contain almost 6 grams of fiber. Asian pears have the most amount of fiber per fruit, however, are available only during the cooler weather seasons.

• Banana: Not only does it add a naturally sweet and creamy texture, but bananas are also a superfruit loaded with potassium and resistant starch carbohydrates to help with a feeling of fullness.

• Strawberries: These ruby red berries are loaded with Vitamin C, fiber and an excellent source of folic acid. I used frozen strawberries, so you don’t have to worry about the seasonality, and it adds a cold, luscious texture to the smoothie.

• Ginger: Astringent and unforgettable spice, this unique root is a super food. It’s been used historically to aid in nausea, digestive issues, and pain from inflammation. It adds a warming sensation and slightly sour note to the smoothie and boosts the flavor or each sip.

Now that you know why you’re adding in these incredible ingredients it’s now time to give them all a quick whirl! A quick pour and spin, and you’ve got a superfood pomegranate smoothie ready in 5 minutes or less!

Who’s ready for a refreshing glass of pomegranate smoothie?

love, k 🙂

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