Protective Blessings to Everyone during this time of Natural Disaster 

Concerned for our friends in Mexico after the earthquake and all in the path of Hurricane Irma. 

Mexico rocked by HUGE earthquake:  32 people have been killed after an 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck 60 miles off the southern coast of Mexico, sparking tsunami warnings across the world while Hurricane Irma clobbers neighbouring Caribbean islands as it heads towards Florida. 

We also send healing vibes to the recovery in Texas from Hurricane Harvey. 

To La Tuna Wildfire in Southern California Stay safe to everyone in the vicinity and near the Oregon and Northwest California wildfires plus forest fires ravaging Washington, Oregon, and California. Sending healing vibes… 
To Healing,


Message from Spirit 

Change is part of the journey.Sometimes despite the best of all intentions it becomes abundantly clear that you must change the direction of your pursuits. When you feel weight and tension and anxiety these are the signs pointing to a brand new path. Honor this, Spirit is guiding you to something that feeds your heart, mind and soul. 

love, #krishna