Cleansing with Sage

One of the oldest and simplest methods of clearing out negative energy from a room, around you, within you, or in a home is to use sage, or smudging as it’s usually called.

The use of rising smoke to cleanse is a very old tradition used by many cultures all over the world like Egypt, India, Rome, Greece, and many others. The most well-known people to use sage are the Native Americans.

Sage smoke can be used to cleanse a room, a new home, negative spirits, or anything else that may be making the area where you live uncomfortable. In addition to using the sage, you can incorporate anything you like into the cleansing, such as candles, other incenses, prayers, or whatever you feel you need or would like to add.

It’s very important to remember that when cleansing, your attitude towards the process is extremely important. Your approach should be positive and calm.

How to Smudge With a Sage Stick

After physically cleaning the room it is best to wear fresh, clean clothes. Place a bowl of salt in the middle of the room, as this helps to disperse negative energy.
Keep the air gently circulating to keep it smoking— this can be done by blowing on it or wafting it with a feather, your hand, or some other tool.
We begin at the doorway, cleansing the frame inside as well as the door with the smoke, then working our way around starting from one of the corners. Make a slow progress around the room in a clockwise direction. Basically, aim for a circle. The sacred circle has been used for thousands of years as a powerful protection symbol.
Walk slowly and focus on what you are trying to achieve. It’s important to remember that the cleansing doesn’t just come from the sage: you are mentally cleansing the area as well, so concentrate as much as you can without becoming tense.
As you are doing this, you can recite prayer, repeat mantra, or affirmation that you like or that you feel is appropriate. What’s important is that you choose whatever words that feel right for you.
Visualize the dark negative energy being dispersed or pushed out and replaced with white, beautiful light. Imagine this white light filling the room and cleansing out anything negative.
Keep repeating your chosen words until you have finished smudging the room.
When you have completed your circle, you can end with another prayer/affirmation/poem or repeat the one that you used earlier. Stand in the middle of the room and visualize the white cleansing and purifying light still present and giving protection.
To close cleansing rituals, we always light a candle usually white— for light, love, and spirit. We also then burn other incenses usually a choice of sandalwood which is a powerful cleanser of negativity.

love, #krishna


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