Shamrockin Sydney 

Irish Australians and Irish come together on St Patrick’s Day to celebrate Irish culture and St Patrick Day parades that are held in cities such as Sydney and Brisbane. 

The celebration of St Patrick’s Day in Sydney is almost as old as the colony. In time the public celebration of St Patrick’s Day, sometimes known as ‘St Patrick’s Festival’, has become a major event in Sydney. It extends to various entertainments, including horse races, banquets, parades, picnics, concerts, dancing and games. Nevertheless, it changed in form and tone over the century, often reflecting the change in mood of the Irish citizens of Sydney and their place in the wider community and over the course of the years St. Patrick’s Day celebrations took various forms. Sydney has observed St Patrick’s Day with much enthusiasm and the day does not  pass without some form of public celebration. 

St Patrick’s Day has continued to display its remarkable ability to adapt and change, ensuring that the feast day of the patron saint of Ireland does not pass unnoticed in Sydney. 

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