Restoration of Trust


Forgiveness is for your own spiritual growth and happiness. When we hold on to hurt, pain, resentment, and anger it harms us far more than it harms the offender. Forgiveness frees you to live in the present… and allows you to move on. Though it can feel very comforting or powerfully releasing to be forgiven, make no mistake: we do not forgive the other person; we forgive ourselves!




Forgiveness lets us regain our personal power. Our anger, regret, hatred, or resentment towards someone means that we are giving up power to that person.

But more than wanting to forgive, we don’t want to be hurt again.

There is this natural belief that when or if we forgive, then we are not only saying what that person did was okay, we are being vulnerable enough to allow them to hurt us again. Resentment becomes a defense mechanism to protect our heart. I think many of us live with resentment and bitterness not because we want to, but because we’ve confused forgiveness with trust. When you have been hurt; betrayed; abused; cheated on; lied to then it is easy to confuse these two things. In fact, so many people that we talk to often feel like they haven’t fully forgiven because their trust hasn’t been restored.

Forgiveness is a process, but trust is a prized possession. Once your trust has been broken, it becomes even more valuable. Healing doesn’t come all at once. When you’ve been hurt, lied to or betrayed your heart is in a vulnerable state. What you want most is what you used to have.




When you desire any relationship to be restored, begin to communicate everything that will build inner trust. Give the person who’s hurt you an opportunity to earn your trust. Don’t hold them hostage to your suspicions…communicate with them what you desire from them to earn trust.

The currency of any relationship is trust. As we forgive, we free ourselves from bitterness. As we trust, we experience the process of restoration.

love, krishna k.







Setting Intentions for the New Year!

In today’s yoga class, the teacher suggested that the class set an intention for our yoga practice. The intention was something to come back to, to keep the focus, to take everyone deeper into themselves.

This new year, Gratitude is key for New Year’s intentions. Consider setting a bigger, more comprehensive intention: one to keep you on track for the entire year. New Year’s intentions may be as straightforward as committing to a daily yoga practice, sadhana, to complete a teacher training, or maybe to change some aspect of your lifestyle. You may want to think of your New Year’s intention as a type of New Year’s resolution, emanating from a place of gratitude and self-care.

Gratitude is a multiplier, look for gratitude in all that you have, whatever it is that you feel grateful to, will continue to manifest in your life. Tap into the energy of the heart center, and allow yourself to FEEL the energy that flows from the heart.

Kundalini Yoga offers some wonderful meditations that you can practice to open yourself up to gratitude, and to trust your divine self. One of my favorites is to chant Guru Guru Wahe Guru . 

Trust the Divine Self is a fabulous Meditation for bringing in the attitude of gratitude. Sit in easy pose with a straight spine so that you can practice to open yourself up to gratitude, and to trust your divine self. Meditation: Trust the Divine Self

Happy New Year,

love, k 🙂

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Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a world-wide symbol of the holidays in New York City. The 2017 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree was lit yesterday for the first time on Wednesday, November 29, with live performances from 7–9pm, at Rockefeller Plaza, between West 48th and West 51st Streets and Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Thousands crowded the sidewalks for the event and millions watched it live across the globe.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony has become a national tradition hearkening back to the days of the Great Depression. On Christmas Eve of 1931, a group of construction workers put together a small, elegant Christmas tree on the site of what would become Rockefeller Center. In Rockefeller Center’s launching year, 1933, the first formal Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting took place. Since then it has become a national event including ice- skating spectacles, live entertainment and television specials.

The Tree will remain lit and can be viewed until 9pm on January 7, 2018. Check out the beauty, visit Rockefeller Center or watch the lighting from the comfort of your home.


Happy Holidays!!!

love, #krishna