Setting Intentions for the New Year!

In today’s yoga class, the teacher suggested that the class set an intention for our yoga practice. The intention was something to come back to, to keep the focus, to take everyone deeper into themselves.

This new year, Gratitude is key for New Year’s intentions. Consider setting a bigger, more comprehensive intention: one to keep you on track for the entire year. New Year’s intentions may be as straightforward as committing to a daily yoga practice, sadhana, to complete a teacher training, or maybe to change some aspect of your lifestyle. You may want to think of your New Year’s intention as a type of New Year’s resolution, emanating from a place of gratitude and self-care.

Gratitude is a multiplier, look for gratitude in all that you have, whatever it is that you feel grateful to, will continue to manifest in your life. Tap into the energy of the heart center, and allow yourself to FEEL the energy that flows from the heart.

Kundalini Yoga offers some wonderful meditations that you can practice to open yourself up to gratitude, and to trust your divine self. One of my favorites is to chant Guru Guru Wahe Guru . 

Trust the Divine Self is a fabulous Meditation for bringing in the attitude of gratitude. Sit in easy pose with a straight spine so that you can practice to open yourself up to gratitude, and to trust your divine self. Meditation: Trust the Divine Self

Happy New Year,

love, k 🙂

Copy of I_m starting a new year with a clear mind and open heart

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