The Evening Recharge Routine

Before bed, wind down with a warm drink. A great suggestion is a boiled cup of milk, it could be almond or coconut milk made with a touch of ginger, cardamom, and sugar.



Hot drink before bed helps disengage the mind from the senses and promote falling asleep easily.

Prepare for sleep by rubbing almond, sesame or coconut oil on your feet, ears, and even head at bedtime can go a long way towards physically relaxing our bodies. It has an incredible, calming effect that Ayurveda recommends for improved sleep.


deep rest and sweet dreams

love, #krishna




Beauty Sleep 

A healthy glowing face and a brightly, burning light in the eyes- the flow and glow of radiant health is something that is universally appealing and desirable. According to Ayurveda this radiance around the body is called Ojas. Optimum ojas is the key to perfect health, balanced and blissful emotions, and even the unfolding of inner spiritual development. Ojas promotes longevity and a high amount of Ojas means everything we eat is transformed into toxin-free energy creating a vibrantly alert and blissful state of mind and emotions. 

Beauty sleep, includes not only enough sleep with 7-8 hours being optimal for most people, but at the right times, and supported by the proper diet and routine during the day. Just missing a few good nights of sleep makes it clear how health,  beauty, mood and productivity during the day are profoundly affected by how well we sleep at night. All impact the quality of our sleep at night- and how fresh and beautiful we look in the morning. 

Staying up past 10pm, this aggravates vata and pitta, and can promote skin dryness, redness and a tired look the next day. Sleeping past 6am. This aggravates kapha and promotes puffiness. Drinking lots of coffee and other caffeinated beverages can interfere with good sleep, as well as dehydrating your body and skin. 

To wake up fresh and beautiful from your sleep listen to your body and take rest, you will then be grateful for the beauty rest that keeps the aura radiating and glowing. 

Take an early morning walk in the rising sun. It is one of the best-kept secrets to Beauty. 
To sweet dreams,

Kelly Krishna Dunn 🙂