Home for the holidays in New York, NY. It felt fantastic to be back in the city. Going Everywhere! 

Manhattan Beauty 

Rockefeller Christmas Tree rockin all night long, New York City and I do have true love with one another.

JFK-SYD-  Summer time happening down under and what a wonderful time of year to book a scuba diving trip, or go snorkeling,  on a Coral Sea adventure.

And cute sea creatures. 

Has it become an Endless Summer? 

Surfing Sydney beaches,  Narabeen Beach. 

Skate is popular in SYD – SFO 

Monster Skatepark Sydney NSW 

Skateology, Skating Sydney, iSkate, Skateboarding community 

SYD-SFO San Francisco Skatin’ Place Sunday’s in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco Skateparks & Skateboarding communities rock on 

Snowboarding & Surf communities  too

Ice sports collaboration 

Snowboarding Intuitively and Intuitive Affirmations. 

Positive Affirmations for self-improvement and self-help. 

Peace Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,
Kelly Krishna 🙂 

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