EMF Sensitivity Awareness

Due to EMF Sensitivity, we can not air or post our radio show for today. Our technical devices have failed us along with our own personal three frozen, unresponsive and failing slide to unlock iPhones. It is a serious case of Hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields or EMF Sensitivity, and it is a pervasive and potentially devastating condition that affects a large number of intuitive people, many of  whom are on a ‘spiritual path’. While almost everyone is affected to some degree too geopathic sources of electromagnetic fields, certain bodies are more susceptible to technologies and gadgets.

We definitely are among those people who suffer from EMF sensitivity and over a period of time after being exposed to the frequencies emitted by cell phones, computers, GPS, radio, satellite radio, television, planes, trains, trucks, cars, radar, and even earthquakes nearby, this causes a big time neurotransmitter disruption and more it is also 50% the cause of Autism.

EMF sensitivity is diverse as each individual who experiences it, your own frequency level, along with the conditions of the immune system and nervous systems will dictate which frequencies disturbs and how. To further complicate matters, phones that shut down, computers that freeze the minute you walk through the door, electronic devices that become beyond dysfunctional and debilitating not from dropping your phone but by just being in your purse doing nothing this is part of the EMF awareness we must look at and investigate further within our own lives because all of this is messages from a vibrational frequency we must attune to with our higher listening abilities. For the meantime, since none of our phones are working we are forced to postpone our phone intuitive readings, radio shows, and intuitive skype sessions until further notice. Those of you who are scheduled and reading this, you will be contacted by us (Bliss Medium) to rearrange dates and reschedule appointments.

For further sharing on the topic of EMF sensitivity. This is a sensitivity that you are born with an innately higher personal frequency, that pick up a larger range of frequencies and often have enhanced genetic abilities regarding intuition and healing, able to receive and perceive a larger array of invisible electromagnetic frequencies, which can be overwhelming to the human form. But there is EMF protection that we are still learning about and find joy in sharing that a majority of crystals, pendants, amulets, and shields offer protection. Nurturing, building and boosting your system is excellent to limit EMF sensitivity.

It is important that you clear any emotional, mental, or spiritual issues that are causing stress, develop a nutrition plan that is right for your particular body and any other current ailments; getting adequate exercise for the mind and body and decrease exposure to the triggers around you.

Tumeric is really wonderful. Take 250 mg of Turmeric once a day for 3-4 days it assists the immune system and nervous system.



Valerian Root once a day for 7 days helps protect you from stress, allows adrenals and thyroid to heal and doesn’t make you drowsy in the process.




Exploring energy work, such as Acupuncture, and other holistic modalities such as Ayurveda to help you better understand your own frequencies, as well effectively diagnose, balance, and heal the entire mind-body-spirit experience.




Last but not least is to Take it Easy.by not “Overdoing it” or introducing too many things at once will have the opposite of your desired effects. Have patience and keep calm. Embrace it and be grateful that EMF Sensitivity is an invitation from your system to find the things that you need in order to live and thrive in optimal well-being from now on!


Peace and light

Kelly Krishna Dunn 🙂




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