What is Gyan Mudra?

A mudra is a hand position that guides energy flow and by utilizing hand positions we can affect many systems in the body, each representing different emotions and behaviors.

Each finger relates to a planetary energy and the thumb represents individual persona. One of the most common mudras is Gyan Mudra (forefinger known as Jupiter finger and thumb touch) This mudra activates wisdom. By touching the fingers and palms, we can effectively communicate to the body and mind. It is a technique for giving clear messages to the mind-body-energy system.


Gyan Mudra is a powerful mudra practiced for thousands of years by yogis that bring peace, calm and spiritual progression. Spiritual masters such as Yeshua (Jesus), Buddha, and Guru Nanak are all shown regularly with this hand position relating to planet Jupiter.


How to do Gyan Mudra:   

Connect the thumb and the forefinger tip to tip. The other fingers are straight but relaxed. Pressure between the thumb and Jupiter finger is light.


Why practice Gyan Mudra?

Gyan Mudra has variety. Stimulating the root chakra, it eases tension. Relates to expansion and knowledge. It is extremely calming and brings forth a spiritual openness and ease in meditation. Also, known as Vaayu-Varhak in traditional Ayurveda, this mudra boots the air element (Vaayu), stimulating the brain, empowering the mind, nervous system, and pituitary gland. Gyan Mudra’s benefits include stimulating the endocrine system and through the air element it dries out joints and cartilage which might be full of fluid, causing joint stiffness and pain.

Gyan mudra is most often practiced with the hands resting on the knees and the elbows straight. When the palms face down, the feeling it conveys is grounding and rooting oneself to the earth. When the palms point out, you are connecting yourself to celestial knowledge.

This wonderful technique can be done anywhere at anytime! For more information on mudras, mantras, meditations and kriyas, follow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram

Peace to all, Life to all, Love to all, Sat Nam. Sat Nam means truth is my identity and Om Shanti.. Shanti means Peace.


Kelly Krishna Dunn


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