NASA’s Game Changing R5 Robot

As we move forward and as humanity moves outward into space, the preparation is huge for it is risky and will show extremely hazardous environments such as those missions to Mars and asteroids that will be encountered. Having fully-operational robotic help ready to assist in dangerous tasks could be crucial during long-duration missions beyond Earth. NASA is seriously considering this matter and it could usher in an age of new humanoid robots!

NASA is counting on robots to setup and care for deep space exploration facilities and equipment pre-deployed ahead of astronauts. Robots are also excellent precursors for conducting science missions ahead of human exploration.

Humanoid machines could easily undertake activities dangerous for future astronauts. That is why the agency is developing a six-foot-tall humanoid robot called R5 which was previously known as “Valkyrie”. It was initially designed for use during disaster-relief missions  but now creating more dexterous autonomous robots, designed to operate in extreme space environments and expeditions to Mars and beyond.

Extreme space environments are dangerous for humans. And, robots are ideal for dangerous tasks. NASA already has rovers on Mars. This is an effort to advance autonomy of humanoid robots. We will have a better understanding of when and how humanoid robots will help with future deep space exploration.

love, #krishna