Turmeric- The Golden Spice 

In ancient Ayurveda, herbs are seen as the spiritual essence, the Kundalini of plants. Plants and herbs carry within them the wisdom of cosmic intelligence, and the healing vibrations of nature. 

According to Ayurveda, humans and plants have had a spiritual connection. To incorporate turmeric into your daily routine and life you can in every-way. Turmeric is known as the spice of LIFE. It purifies the blood and the channels of the body. It improves the skin’s complexion, bringing circulation and nutrition to the skin. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and balances all the doshas, but it balances Pitta the most because of its blood-cleansing and liver-cleansing properties.

You can use 1 tsp of #turmeric per day in some form, whether in tea, on the skin, or in the diet. Add some in as you are making breakfast or sautéeing veggies in coconut oil to place over quinoa. Boil some turmeric in coconut milk with honey before bed. So many possibilities that improve health and well-being. #love, #krishna 

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